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Hunter Home Loan's Vision

Hi -Jason Hunter of the Hunter Home Loan Team of Movement Mortgage and from the beginning, it’s been my hope and the hope of our leadership that Movement would be noticeably different in how we treat our customers, team members and other industry professionals. Our true purpose is to love and value people.

This mission is the basis for our revolutionary 6-7-1 process, an innovative way to produce loan approvals more quickly and efficiently to ultimately better serve real estate agents and homebuyers.

It’s what compels me and our home mortgage consultants to give top-notch, superior loan guidance to customers.

Being a Movement of Change is what keeps us focused on creating a thriving, positive work atmosphere for our staff. And it’s what leads our efforts to be supremely generous to the communities around us.

We want to be a mortgage lender that raises the bar for our entire industry. By making our primary purpose loving and valuing people, we are changing expectations, experiences, and lives for the better.

So thank you for choosing Movement, and helping us be the Movement of Change we want to see across our nation.

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